The Siuslaw Collaborative Watershed Restoration Program is a forest stewardship collaboration between CPRC&D, the Siuslaw National Forest (SNF) and other partners to fund watershed restoration projects located in the Alsea; Hebo; Marys Peak, Siuslaw, and Smith-Umpqua-Dunes Stewardship Group areas (map). These groups are a collection of individuals and organizations working to promote forest restoration and support local communities.


Stewardship Groups

area photo The Alsea Stewardship Group (ASG)  formed in 2006 and includes participants from the Alsea and Yachats River areas more...
area photo The Hebo Stewardship Group formed in 2011 and includes participants from Tillamook to Salmon River areas surrounding the more...
area photo The Marys Peak Stewardship Group formed in 2007 and includes participants from the Marys River Watershed areas more...
area photo The Siuslaw Stewardship Group formed in 2003 and includes participants from the Siuslaw River area surrounding the Siuslaw more...
area photo The Smith-Umpqua Dunes Stewardship Group is our newest collaborative group, joining us for it's first year in 2017PARTNERS & more...


In 2002, the SNF volunteered to pilot the Forest Service's fledgling Stewardship Authorities, which now allows retained receipts from the stewardship timber sales to fund the approved watershed restoration projects in and around the SNF.  Working closely with the collaborators in the Siuslaw Basin a partnership was formed by the establishment of the four stewardship groups (see left).

These Stewardship Groups meet monthly to coordinate the approved projects and discuss upcoming issues and events to further their goal of protecting the forest ecosystem of the Siuslaw basin.


Stewardship Fund Pre-Applications NOW AVAILABLE!


All Stewardship Group participants are invited to attend the Joint Annual Meeting on Wednesday, December 15 via zoom.  The changes to the application and approval process will be discussed.

Annual Stewardship Group Meeting 12152021- AGENDA

Please contact for more information.


Siuslaw Collaborative Watershed Restoration Program background informational Brochure.

Stewardship Group Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

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